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Introducing the single serve, cold beverage system that allows you to create still or sparkling beverages in a variety of flavors. Users insert recyclable capsules to create a variety of great tasting and healthy options. Choose individual servings of chilled, still or sparkling water with or without a flavor capsule to achieve your perfect refreshment.

  • Cold and Sparkling Water Options
  • Wide variety of flavored capsules available
  • Healthy alternative with only 10 or less calories per serving
  • Anti-microbial surfaces


  • Dimensions 17.5in (W) x 14in (H) x 19in (D)
  • Weight 44LBS
  • Capacity 5 liter cold tank; 1 liter carbonation tank
  • Compressor 115v / 60Hz compressor
  • Water Options Cold, Sparkling, Flavored Capsules in a variety of flavors available
  • Water Temperature Cold 42-48°F