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Flavia Barista

The Mars Drinks FLAVIA® Barista is more than just a coffee maker; it’s like having a coffee shop expert in your office.

That’s because it’s the only single-serve office brewer that crafts perfect coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos, and authentic espressos, all at the press of a button. In fact, the only thing it won’t do is misspell your name on a big paper cup.


The simple, intuitive interface makes for a quick brew selection process. Small, regular, large, over-ice and espresso coffees are now available at your fingertip.

Custom Drinks:

Individual doors accommodate our single-serve Freshpacks. We use only the freshest ground coffees and real leaf teas. Open the left door for brewing coffee, tea, hot chocolate and froth for cappuccinos and lattes; the right door for crafting authentic espressos

Cup Adjustments:

The removable tray of the Barista accommodates cups of different sizes, enabling espresso cups, regular coffee cups and travel mugs to fit with ease.

Water Fill:

As an alternative to connecting to a water line, the Mars Drinks FLAVIA® Barista can be filled manually.

From A Singular Experience Comes Many Options:

With the introduction of the FLAVIA® Barista comes a portfolio of new espresso blends: 100% Arabica ALTERRA® Espresso and Espresso Decaf plus SEGAFREDO Intenso, Delicato, and Cafesenza, previously only available to professional baristas. Each espresso contains different notes and intensities, providing a range of flavors. It also makes Mars Drinks’ vast range of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, lattes and other signature blends.


Weight: 78.5lb (35.6 kg) out of box;
88.2 lb (40 kg) boxed
Certifications: ETL and cETL listed for commercial use;
NAMA certified
Dimensions: Height: 17″ (432 mm)
Width: 21.8″ (554 mm)
Depth: 20.6″ (523 mm)
Power Supply: 120V, 60Hz, 1550W, electrical cord length is 69″(1.7 m) long
Drink Volume Per Cup: Small – 5.4 oz -160 ml
Regular – 7oz – 205 ml
Large – 9 oz -266 ml
Over Ice – 3 oz – 90 ml
Espresso – 1.35 oz – 40 ml

Water supply- plumbed or pour over
Water supply requirement- cold potable sodium-free water
Water tank capacity(unplumbed): 84.5 oz (2.5 L)
Freshpack bin capacity- 23 freshpacks on left side, 35 on right side
Water filter-external water filter recommended to ensure proper performance
Drip tray- removable, dishwater safe Stand-by timeout- 4 hours

Flavia Creation 200

The new Creation 200 from FLAVIA® is ideal for medium-sized workplaces (15-49 people). Alternatively in larger offices, where several machines are sited, the Creation 200 is the perfect partner to the Creation 400 as an additional brewer in adjacent office areas.

Its cutting-edge design, easy-to-use interface and fresh, quality drinks make it your perfect partner at work.

The freshness they’ll love…

Taste and aroma…It’s all in the brew. FLAVIA’s unique Fresh Release system serves a delicious, fresh cup every time. The water unlocks the sealed fresh pack releasing the aromatic ingredients brewing inside, serving you the perfect drink, time after time.

The sustainability credentials you demand…
Saving energy and money…
An energy-saving mode that switches off energy-draining devices, (i.e. the boiler and lights)
Only heats enough water for one cup at a time
Energy-efficient LED indicators instead of standard filament bulbs

The Creation 200 is your partner in hitting sustainability targets
The convenience and peace of mind you deserve…
The Creation 200 single-serve hot beverage system gives you a convenient and hassle-free solution…

It’s reliable and easy to use

It’s flexible as it can be plumbed or pour over

If unplumbed, the large water tank means less time is spent refilling the tank, so it’s available to use more of the time

It’s sleek and stylish design compliments any office space

It’s small and compact size allows the flexibility to be placed in most accessible areas within your office

A free internal water filter is included, the filter ensures the best possible quality water is used for the freshest tasting drink every time

The filter is easy to fit and change, plus you don’t need any extra kits, unlike competitor machines

The choice you want, the expertise you expect…

FLAVIA’s unique 3-step process supports our fresh, quality hot drinks expertise. FLAVIA® combines all three steps to deliver the widest range of fresh coffees, teas, chocolate and coffee shop specialties something to suit everyone and every need, every time.

First we SOURCE only the freshest and finest ingredients from around the world

Then we SEAL in freshness to keep the integrity of our flavors

Finally we SERVE a fresh tasting cup full of authentic flavors time and time again

Flavia Creation 400

With its stunning looks & compact design the FLAVIA® Creation 400 brewer can take pride of place in any office with over 50 people.

In addition to gourmet coffees and fresh tea options, your office can enjoy specialty drinks like cappuccinos, mochaccinos and cafe latte creations. Our unique system brews direct and pure from pack to cup. No need for cleaning between drinks, fresh and fun, and none of the hassle.


The new look combines an almost retro feel with modern ergonomics

It moves FLAVIA away from the more ‘industrial’ and functional presentation typical of coffee brewers

Its stylish design compliments any office and follows through the FLAVIA family of brewers

Specially designed to suggest choice

Stimulates with a welcoming, easy and fun to use interface

Our drinks now taste even better since the Creation 400 features a new drinks control and delivery system to maximize the flavor, aroma and body of our drinks

This is done through the optimum temperature for coffee brewing (198° F) and new individual brewing cycles for coffee and tea for the perfect taste

Consumers can now also select their favorite drink strength and size

Features a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) and LCD screen to improve ease of use for first time users

The experience is easy, intuitive and fun to stimulate creativity and discovery of new drinks combinations

The LCD screen now proposes a choice of all the FLAVIA categories such as Coffees, Teas, Chocolates and Specialties before the consumer chooses his drink and its strength and size


A new hot tank system provides continuous delivery of drinks so you never have to wait for the water to heat up

The FLAVIA Creation 400 is ready for use in just 50 seconds. Ideal first thing in the morning when you are dying for a fresh cup of coffee!


The machine is now under 17 inches and with its smaller footprint can easily fit in any environment. It also only weights 23 lbs.

Recommended number of users: 20 or more

Flavia Creation 500



Cutting edge Mars Drinks technology puts you in control of an unrivalled range of coffee shop quality drinks, with industry leading reliability and only the highest quality fresh ingredients served from the patented Mars Drinks Freshpack.

Designed especially with the needs of large offices and collaborative areas in mind


All of the drinks quality and precision that businesses have come to expect in a beautifully designed table-top unit that sits perfectly in the most stylish office, reception or boardroom.

Enhanced LCD menu display for a more intuitive brewing experience


Enjoy the freshest and finest coffee, leaf tea and hot chocolate from brands and carefully selected growers around the world. Each delicious drink is fresh and full of authentic flavor to delight and satisfy your taste buds at work.


  • Height : 17.1″ Inches
  • Weight : 27.8 lbs
  • Water Supply: Plumbed or pour over
  • Water Supply Requirements: Cold potable sodium-free water
  • Water tank capacity (unplumbed) : 101.4 oz
  • Drink volume per cup: 3 oz, 5.4 oz, 7 oz, 8.3 oz
  • Freshpack bin capacity: 23 freshpacks
  • Water filter: External water filter recommended to ensure proper performance
  • Drip tray: Removable, dishwasher safe
  • Stand-by timeout: 4 hours
  • Power Supply: 120V, 60Hz, 1550W, electrical cord length is 69″ (1.75m) long
  • Approved certification: ETL and cETL listed for commercial use.